One day my friends from Napoli, Valerio and Carmela, told me that even if I live in Paris I can still enjoy the real Neapolitan gluten free pizza…

Well, I said, when do we go ?!

I was so eager to discover the place and totally missing a good gluten free pizza!

So yesterday evening I braved the cold weather and headed with Valerio and Carmela to La Famiglia, a pizzeria and restaurant in Paris 1st arrondissement.

The master “pizzaiolo” is Gennaro Nasti: he is nice, he is friendly and, oh boy, he is so talented!

He was awarded best pizzaiolo in the world in 2012.

For Carmela and I who were the gluten free eaters of the day, Gennaro prepared the gluten free pizza dough enriched with herbs: fresh basil, parsley and sage. It gave it a nice, green colour and gently sweet taste that married beautifully with the ingredients he chose.

The fist gluten free pizza that we ate came with fresh cherry tomatoes called “del Piennolo”, and mozzarella di bufala, my favourite.

The cherry tomatoes are called “del Piennolo” from the tradition of peasants living close to the Vesuvio volcano to weave them around a string until they form a large bunch (the so-called piennolo), and hang them outside.

They are really nice to see! I leave you google them if you are curious 😉

The second pizza was a Margherita with fresh “mozzarella di bufala” cheese and “San Marzano” tomatoes that are a special variety from Napoli as well.

What I particularly loved about Gennaro’s pizza is the taste of course, the top quality ingredients he uses but also the dough that was perfectly raised and crusty.

I left light, happy, satisfied with the promise to go back as soon as I can.

pS  for the gluten free pizza, it is better to call and make your reservation one day in advance.

La Famiglia di Rebellato 

37 Rue Berger
75 001 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)1 40 39 06 40


Gennaro Nasti doesn’t work at La Famiglia anymore
You can find him at:



108 bd de Ménilmontant
75020 Paris
Tel: 0033 (0)9 86 25 05 71


Open 7/7
For Lunch and for Dinner



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