Yesterday I went out for a Sunday gluten free pizza + friends meet up: a very nice combination to end up a relaxed day spent working on my web site.

Valerio, Carmela, Giulia, and myself decided to go to La Famiglia, a restaurant and a pizzeria in Paris that serves delicious gluten free pizza.

Also we wanted to discover what Gennaro Nasti, the master “pizzaiolo” who works there, was up to as Gennairo, besides being a skillful pizza chef, is a very creative person, a volcano of imagination and he just loves expressing himself with the pizza.

We started with a gluten free pizza with kale, bufala mozzarella, and cherries tomatoes called “del piennolo”, right from Naples.

After we ate a wonderful “Yellow Margherita” pizza with mozzarella, yellow organic cherry tomatoes and fresh organic olive oil sprinkled all over like a gentle rain.

They were both so good, the pizza crust was perfectly mastered and the taste was just incredible!

To me, one of the best gluten free pizza ever!

We ended up in full beauty with one of Gennaro’s most exciting creations:

gluten free pizza with salmon caviar and “stracciatella”. The “stracciatella” is a typical cheese from the region of Le Puglie in the South of Italy.

It was an extraordinary experience & this pizza got my post cover picture.

One last word to add ??!!?

Grazie Gennaro!

pS for the gluten free pizza, it is better to call and book your table one day in advance.

La Famiglia di Rebellato

37 Rue Berger
75 001 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)1 40 39 06 40


Gennaro Nasti doesn’t work at La Famiglia anymore
You can find him now at:



108, bd de Ménilmontant
75020 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)9 86 25 05 71


Open 7/7
For Lunch and for Dinner



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