Discovering the gluten free at the MaE Deli!

After almost two years of staying away from London, I was literally thrilled to finally book a trip to this amazing city that I happen to like very much.

In the past I used to go there on a regular basis but then, for several, personal reasons, I stopped going and I started to miss it a lot.

My friend Elise decided to join me on this trip and spend some good girlfriends time together visiting the city and scooping what’s new and exciting there is on gluten free.

I don’t know about you but I personally find London quite ahead on this topic and I have always discovered great products and new places.

Our first stop: the famous MaE Deli.

eating gluten free at the mae deli in london

The MaE Deli was founded by Ella and her husband Matthew Mills in 2015, it celebrates a healthy lifestyle and foods that are seasonal, fresh, dairy and wheat free, most of them are organic and gluten free, they use no refined sugar or processed ingredients; the recipes are simple yet tasty.

There are both breakfast and lunch formulas available daily and the delis are opened 7 days a week.

Actually they have just opened a new larger venue but Elisa and I visited the ‘historic’ one at 21 Seymour Place, in Marylebone.

Ella Mills has become famous through her beautiful, inspiring blog, Deliciously Ella, and also via her cookbooks based on her own way of living and eating.

I have so much read and heard talking about this place that maybe my expectations were way a bit too high.

Food is good and simple, as they state on the website page, but I might have expected a few more “original” recipes view the success of the whole project.

The place is very small, so it’s definitely better to take away your food if you happen to be there during the rush hours.

That said, I enjoyed what I ate: I took a MaE bowl with Broad Bean and Cauliflower Falafel – these one were my favorites – Roasted Pumpkin with Chickpeas and Chilli, Black Rice with Squash, Beets and Brussel Sprouts, Squash & Broccoli Quinoa.

As dessert I opted for the signature MaE cake: I loved the texture – perfectly moist for a cake.

As per its taste, to both Elise and I, it was like something was missing…

The mae bowl at the mae deli
the mae deli in london

Would I be back to MaE deli in the future?

Of course yes. I cannot form an opinion based on just one experience and I am sure that like for any of the other places or restaurants that I regularly visit, there are things that I can like more than others.

Food, after all, is one of the most beautiful and personal experiences that I can make and it never stays the same.

enjoying lunch at the mae deli

The MaE Deli

 21 Seymour Place,
London, W1H 5BH
18-20 Weighhouse Street,
London, W1K 5LU



Opening hours

Open 7/7



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