Delicious gluten free pastries in Rome!

I am in Rome for work this week and it is always a great chance to discover new gluten free places that I have never been to; one of these is Made Bakery.

I discovered Made Bakery thanks to my dear friend Valeria who lives in Rome and who runs a fantastic blog:

The location is great: Made Bakery is situated in Via dei Coronari, just a few steps away from one of the most beautiful squares in the world: Piazza Navona.

It’s quite handy if you like to take a walk in the city center.

In Piazza Navona, you can admire the grandeur of Bernini and Borromini works of art, one opposite the other: La Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and the Sant’Agnese Church.

made bakery roma
made bakery with gluten free cakes

Made Bakery is a “creative” bakery meaning that they chose to specialise themselves in alternative pastries like vegan, gluten free and lactose free ones.

Of course more traditional pastries are included too.

The place is not 100% gluten free and traces of gluten can be a possibility.

As you know I have celiac disease and I didn’t have any problems with it but when it comes down to our health, nobody knows better than us.

I tasted the pure chocolate pastry, the ginger cookies, the almond orange cake, and they were all very good.

Next time I will be back in town I will go for the tiramisù: so cute in its little square shape!

The place is small and cosy. There is room is you would like to stay for a pastry and a tea. Otherwise you can step by and take it away.

Made Bakery is specialised also in catering and weddings; its pastries are distributed in other places in Rome like the MAXXI Contemporary art Museum by Zaha Hadid and the Auditorium by Renzo Piano.

This is such a great news to me: having gluten free become more popular and mainstream will definitely make the life of us celiac or wheat intolerant people easier as we could find it a bit of it everywhere.

Besides the staff at Made was super nice with me, and that, coupled with a good pastry made it a more memorable experience.

made bakery pure chocolate
made bakery lemon cake
made bakery almond cake

Made Bakery

Via dei Coronari, 25
00186 Roma
Tel. +39 06 98932195



Opening hours

Mon – Sun
11 am – 7 pm





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