Madame Gaspard, the French e-shop specialised in gluten free products, has opened its first flagship store in Paris and I am so happy to share this fantastic news with you!

Nathalie Templier, the founder, is not only a dear friend of mine but also a brilliant business woman with an eye – and taste, I would add – to source and select only the best products that the gluten free market has to offer: from France to Italy, from UK to Belgium, everything is possible.

Today Eve Freitas has joined Nathalie to become her partner associate and to continue this beautiful adventure together!

gluten corner boutique paris with gluten free products
gluten corner boutique paris

Madame Gaspard new shop is located in the 10th neighbourhood in Paris – very easy to reach from the city centre on foot or by metro – and the place is super nice: Nathalie has imagined the design by herself taking care of each detail.

Stepping into her boutique, it’s a little bit like being inside her home: it feels warm, nice and cosy.

The selection of products will keep growing and evolving in time; among my favourite: Artisanal Italian Pasta by Pastificio la Rosa and Pasta d’Alba, gnocchi by Ciemme (I distribute both brands among other products) granola by NüMorning, cakes mix by Sinépix, energy balls by Funky Veggie, les crocs of La Noix Tigré, biscuits by Generous, Cinq Sans and Carrés Ronds.

Madame Gaspard shop is really a stop to make if you live in Paris and would like to find many delicious gluten free products all in one place.

And if you are not in town…. well, Nathalie and Eve await you on their e-shop 😉

gluten corner boutique paris with gluten free pasta
gluten corner boutique paris with delicious gluten free products

Madame Gaspard Shop

12, rue d’Hauteville
75010 Paris
This is the new address starting May 2nd, 2019



Opening hours

Mon – Sat
10 am – 7 pm
Closed on Sunday





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