Little Nonna is a 100% gluten free restaurant and pizzeria that opened in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, close to l’Arc de Triomphe and Les Champs Elysées, just one year ago.

It’s one of the latest projects of business man and entrepreneur Nicolas Richards who runs several restaurants in the city already.

The menu is fully inspired by Italian cuisine: you will find artisanal pasta and gnocchi, risotto, antipasti like the famous burrata, bruschetta made with housemade gluten free bread and the more classic tiramisù and pannacotta.

As you might know if you have been following me for a while, I was born in Naples, where the pizza comes from, and I am a pizza pro – I adore this food and I know all about it. To see the section on my blog devoted to it and called “I love pizza”!

So I asked to taste it ans I took a classic Margherita.

little nonna gluten free pizza in Paris
little nonna gluten free pizza and pasta in Paris
little nonna gluten free pizza Paris

At Little Nonna it is made with the Italian mix for bread and pizza by the brand Il Molino Dalla Giovanna. Basically it’s cornstarch, potato starch, tapioca, rise flour and plant gums.

The pizza looks beautiful, it is quite big, the crust is golden brown and crunchy.

The taste of the dough is good but I fond it a bit heavy, it was well cooked on borders (the crust) while the middle required better cooking… I have to say that it took some time for me to digest it properly.

Overall it is good but dough requires some technical improvements.

I was happy to share my feedback with the Little Nonna team: Nicolas and Delphine were more than willing to exchange with me on the topic and I also got the chance to talk to Marco, the Italian pizzaiolo from Rome who works at Little Nonna since the opening.

The design and the interior of the restaurant is really beautiful: it reminds me a bit of the restaurants of the Big Mamma group; it definitely makes a nice lunch break or dinner.

Little Nonna is a beautiful project that I am willing to support and if you stop by, let me know how you like it: feedbacks are precious, they make us all move forward and become better at what we do.

little nonna pizza gluten free

Little Nonna

12 Avenue Niel
75017 Paris



Opening hours

Open daily (lunch and dinner)






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