Artisanal gluten free pizza in Rome!

Here I am with my friend Audrey from the blog Frichty, in Rome. She has joined me for a few days and I am happy to show her this beautiful city where I spent 16 years of my life.

So this is evening it’s girls’night out but first…gluten free pizza!

I proposed her to try Lievito 72, a restaurant and pizzeria I have been reading about and that I was very curious to try.

lievito 72 pizzaiolo
lievito 72 roma

Lievito 72 has been doing gluten free since two years now, it is certified by AIC (the Italian celiac association) and their menu is quite extensive: from pizza to burgers (also vegetarian ones) and typical fried food specialties, from focaccia to desserts, you can really splurge here with zero risk of cross-contamination with gluten. Everything is cooked in a separate kitchen and the gluten free pizza is baked in a different oven.

There is also a nice choice of gluten free beers and I personally do love to drink beer with my pizza. They go so beautifully together!

They tell me that the mix for the pizza is artisanal; made by them – I am so happy to hear that!

I have to tell you that I am not fan of industrial mix as they often put “whatever” inside…

At Lievito 72, the pizza dough rises for 72 hours and that explains the name of the restaurant and the fact that the pizza is easier to digest.

lievito 72 gluten free beer
lievito 72 gluten free menu
lievito 72 gluten free restaurant in rome

Audrey and I opted for a Capricciosa pizza and a focaccia with tuna, roquet and cherry tomatoes.

In Rome the pizza is different from the more classic Neapolitan one: here it is thinner and crunchier.

I was born in Naples and I love more the Neapolitan one; however I did like the Roman pizza here; besides the staff was super friendly, and we definitely had a nice time at Lievito 72.

lievito 72 gluten free focaccia
lievito 72 gluten free pizza capricciosa

Lievito 72

Via del Forte Braschi, 82/A
10167 Roma
Tel. +39 06 614 2829



Opening hours

Open daily
7.15 – 12 pm






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