Raw Gluten free and Vegan!

Les Fruits Détendus is a new, young and dynamic French brand specialised in raw, vegan, gluten free granola, made of organic ingredients and no refined sugar whatsoever…!

Their peculiarity? It’s yummy!

Les Fruits Détendus granola is a happy marriage between buckwheat grains, dates and many ingredients carefully selected like raw dark cocoa, pistachio, fig, apricot, raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, and mango… so many different flavours and textures to create many recipes both sweet and savoury.

les fruits detendus raw gluten free and vegan granola
les fruits detendus raw vegan gluten free granola

The two co-founders, Charles and Jad, are both fruits lovers and wanted to prove that you can actually eat healthy food that is still full of taste and gives you an intense pleasure when you eat it.

To succeed at this task, they asked talented French chef and cookbook author, Félicie Toczé, to conceive all the recipes of their granola.

les fruits detendus almond coconut granola

Well, I can tell you that their granola are really good and totally addictive!

I also love this brand because they are passionate, talented, funny people who, at bottom line, are real and committed to what they do.

A great team for a great product that I am happy to support.

In France Les Fruits Détendus is on sale in many organic chains and food stores… to taste, to eat, and most of all, to enjoy it.

Granola with cocoa and pistachio
Granola fig and cashew
Granola coconut and almonds

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