Today I was in Paris 10th arrondissement, spinning around the beautiful Canal Saint Martin. I needed a spot for a quick, gluten free lunch and I told myself… what about a good bento!
I have been reading about Le Verre Volé sur Mer for quite a while and I was curious to try it.

The Verre Volé is a notorious restaurant in Paris that recently opened a new place called “sur mer” specialized in fish & shellfish. At lunch they propose fish bentos at reasonable prices:  everything is super fresh, combining different textures: raw and cooked, soft and crunchy, mixing colors that pop and sparkle. Asian food meets French cuisine on a plate.

Today’s bento is prepared by chef  Laurent Outan: Banka trout + egg cream with mustard + organic Japanese rice with cuttlefish ink,  squid salad, marinated Shiitake mushroom and onions, potatoes and eggs salad with anchovies, salad mix by Annie Bertin with carrots and miso sauce, sesame seeds. It was delicious!

To me bento rhymes with soup so I had also a creamy velvety soup with butternut squash and sweet chili. Very good!

The place is tiny but comfortable, the atmosphere is friendly and cosy, the design, well, I love the azulejos decorating the walls.

From Monday to Thursday bentos are prepared by another chef: Maori Murota, so one day I went back to Le Verre Volé sur Mer to try hers as well.

I had a delicious bento with organic brown rice, tuna tartare, Chinese cabbage marinated with ginger, toasted cashew, red cabbage, carrots, peaches, green salad, spiced green pepper and cauliflower.

Loved the colours too that made this bento look vibrant and somehow tastier.

Le Verre Volé sur Mer 

rue de Lancry, 53
75010 Paris
Tel. +33 (0) 1 48 03 21 38


Opening Hours

from Monday to Friday
12.00-2.00 pm






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