Le Tigre coffee shop is my last stop of this brief yet lovely trip in Lyon: Lyon is such a beautiful city and on my…the food is great.

Le Tigre was founded by Andrea and Delphine one year ago:  their dream was to open up a place where they could offer the best possible coffee. Today they are the only one in Lyon to offer coffee brewed by the renown Belleville brûlerie Paris, a must in town if you want to drink a great coffee. As per the food, Delphine is intolerant to gluten, so they both agreed that they were going to propose food that is gluten free and good so that everybody could enjoy it – intolerant and not. Well… I did 🙂

Another good news, at the least for me, is that Andrea and Delphine bake their own gluten free bread. Everyday it is made fresh and the sandwiches they propose are among the best I have ever had. I took one with mozzarella, dried tomatoes and pesto. It was incredibly yummy… actually I am hungry right now while I am writing this post and looking… staring at my photo! It makes me want one now! Anyways… Speaking about coffee, the cappuccino was great too and the hot soup with lentils I took was perfect as it was quite freezing outside.

I am a big cookie+cake lover and I just can’t resist a chocolate chip cookie when I see one! To say the honest truth, I was asking myself this question lately: is there, in the world, a cookie that is better than the chocolate chip one??!! If yes, I want to know because to me there isn’t … I just love them! I also tried the muffin with apples and cinnamon, it was a bit too hard for my taste and I think that the recipe needs improvement. Andrea told me that the pastry chef made it for the first time and I am sure that more and better will come. Next time I am back to Le Tigre, I already know that I will be saving room for … it’s that great looking lemon-glazed, poppy seeds cake! And you??

Le Tigre

91, Montée de la Grande-Côte
69001 Lyon
Tel. 0033 (0)983800410








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