Delicious gluten free breakfast in Paris!

On Sundays I love going out and have a good gluten free breakfast in a nice place. My friend Eiko told me that at Le Pain Quotidien in Paris she had recently seen fresh gluten free bread. One very good reason for me to go and check it out.

Gluten free granola with yogurt and fresh fruit

I guess most of you might already be familiar with Le Pain Quotidien: this adventure started in Belgium years ago but today they have venues in many big cities like Paris or London. I love their big wooden tables where you can sit, share with other people if you are in mood of, keeping the spirit of “breaking bread” alive. Well, I definitely had that spirit yesterday.

On the menu they actually have some interesting new gluten free options including one brunch that is both vegan and gluten free. Most of the food is simple, natural and organic. I couldn’t be happier. I started with toasted gluten free bread with butter and jams, strawberry and sweet orange: it was very good ! To drink I opted for a delicious Chunmee green tea and an organic apple and cherry juice.

Looking at the other people sitting and eating around me, I got tempted by the “Parfait Granola” (Perfect Granola) with gluten and asked if they had one gluten free.

The gluten free version is called “Crunola” as it is also raw, with buckwheat, seeds, raisins, banana and coconut milk. Unfortunately, despite the nice photo I took, it was very disappointing. It was not as nice  and mouth-watering as its gluten counterpart. I told the staff to make an effort to improve it and I am confident that they’ll do it.

Also, I would love to have a gluten free breakfast menu like the gluten breakfast one: the second costs almost 10€ while my gluten free breakfast just doubled the price because I had to choose each element separately.

I have always loved the Pain Quotidien and I am grateful that gluten free popped on their menu with several very good options to choose from but I also hope that in the future it will become as nice and price-wise as its gluten counterpart.

Fruit salad: Le Pain Quotidien
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The kitcken handles ingredients containing gluten


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