Delicius gluten free organic vegetarian brunch

I know I have already said it but I love a good Sunday brunch. Besides, now that gluten free is becoming more and more popular, that has made my life as a coeliac much easier. I can go to Le Pain Quotidien that I have always liked very much and have a gluten free friendly brunch.

gluten free brunch: Le Pain Quotidien

This time I chose to try the organic vegetarian brunch.

I had fresh apple juice, hot green tea, the main course was a quinoa taboulé, chickpeas humous (delicious!), avocado, a mix of seasonal grilled and fresh vegetables, fresh tomato gaspacho and a salad.

At Le Pain Quotidien the quality of the ingredients is always top. I love its big, long tables when you sit close to strangers, you can socialise or just simply be on your own and observe the crowd. That day I decided to plunge into a sea of words that resonated within me and began to swim.

gluten free organic vegetarian brunch: Le Pain Quotidien

The sweet side of today’s Sunday brunch included Le Pain Quotidien delicious fresh gluten free bread: one of the best that I have ever tasted !

I had it with a lovely organic strawberry with beetroot jam. You can also splurge in an organic hazelnut cream or a sweet orange jam. I have tasted them as well and they are both very good.

There is always a great pleasure in digging in jars full of delicious cream. I personally love spreading jams on toasted bread. That was what we had most of the time for breakfast when we were kids. My gradma made one of the best black cherries jam ever!

I ended up my meal with a crunchy raw gluten free granola with yogurt and fresh fruit.

Gluten free granola with yogurt and fresh fruit.

At La Pain Quotidien there is free wifi and I spent the afternoon working there. It felt like being in the kitchen, at home. Well, a very big kitchen for a change. In Paris it looks like a dream come true as apartments including mine are quite small.

I enjoed the nice chatting around, people have always inspired me in so many ways and for so many reasons. I left refreshed and with the only desire to go back and buy Le Pain Quotidien fantastic gluten free fresh bread soon.

Le Pain Quotidien

La Pain Quotidien 

18-20 rue des Archives
75004 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 44 54 03 07


Opening hours

Monday to Sunday
8 am- 10 pm





The kitcken handles ingredients containing gluten


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