Le Cairn is a gluten free coffee shop in Paris 7th arrondissement, not far from the Eiffel Tower, that is quite unique. Apart from a fantastic selection of gluten free pastries by L’Atelier des Lilas, it is also specialised in naturopathy and it offers several products and advice on demand, focused on well-being. I was so curious to go that one day I decided to cross the Seine river and headed there.

The coffee shop is warm and cosy: Francine, naturopath, and her son Mathias have created a place to their image. Their kindness makes you feel welcomed and at ease. I felt like I stepped inside an oasis of peace and calm in the middle of the usual, more chaotic and fast-paced Parisian jungle.

LE CAIRN gluten free coffee shop

Now it comes the hard task: what would I like to take for my gluten free breakfast?!!?

I was happily surrounded by many delicious gluten free pastries made by L’Atelier des Lilas in Paris: French madeleines, brownies topped with hazelnuts, vegan muffins, cakes, chocolate chips cookies, oh my …I felt like I wanted to try them all!

I am very “gourmande” and my sweet tooth demands its good dose of sugar everyday. So after …well, 10 minutes… I finally made my choice and opted for a madeleine and a slice of a chocolate cake that I so much love. Cakes to me are like a hug; they are warm, enveloping, generous. I love them! Having it coupled with the perfect cappuccino made by Mathias, it made me feel like one lucky woman indeed.

As per the « healthier » side of my gluten free breakfast, I took also « Le Cairn », a bowl of fresh and dried fruits, with banana compote and seeds prepared fresh by Francine every morning. It was very good.

LE CAIRN gluten free coffee shop
LE CAIRN gluten free coffee shop
LE CAIRN gluten free coffee shop

Talking a little while with both Francine and Mathias, I discovered that « Le Cairn » is a word that comes from the Bretagne region and it is often used to indicate a pile of stones used to show the path during mountain trips and climbing.

Francine’s husband made one especially for the coffee shop and to her, the different rocks that stand one on the other symbolise also the different layers of our body, that she so muck likes to study.

Before leaving I did a little tour with her of all the products showcased at Le Cairn and the choice is quite impressive and made of unique products aiming at helping us improve our well-being and keep us in good health.

Francine also showed me her office just behind the coffee shop where she receives her patients for a consultation. I decided to book an appointment with her for next week to have a natural check up on my own well-being. I feel I need to take good care of myself 🙂

I left Le Cairn happy and peaceful.

This is definitely a place that I do recommend if you are in Paris. I bet you will love it as much as I did.

LE CAIRN gluten free coffee shop
LE CAIRN gluten free coffee shop
LE CAIRN gluten free coffee shop

Le Cairn

3, rue Dupont des Loges
75007 Paris
Tel. 06 83 87 39 63


Opening hours

Mon – Fri
8 am- 7 pm







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