Le Bichat restaurant with gluten free options

Yesterday I tried Le Bichat, a restaurant in Paris with gluten free options that opened one year ago and it has soon become one place to go in the neighbourhood.

Lively, laid-back, cheerful and warm, Le Bichat proposes food that is organic, healthy and fresh, cooked everyday in the open kitchen that you can see, and it has a very good price/quality ratio for Paris.

Besides you can get in and eat at no matter the hour you pop up, and from Monday to Sunday, from morning to evening, you are always welcome!

Le Bichat daily specialty is a large bowl made of whole Thai rice with both raw and cooked vegetables that serve as a base for your main course and then, suiting your needs and desires, you can add some proteins like lentils or eggs, chicken or fish. I went for some yummy vegan buckwheat curry. Loved it!

I also enjoyed one freshly squeezed lemonade with ginger. Lately I cannot resist ginger…

Another thing I can barely resist or maybe not 😉 is dessert, especially when I see such a fluffy, nice gluten free, vegan apple and spice cake. It was delicious: moist and tasty.

I like Le Bichat, it is like stepping in a big house: you have the kitchen with a large counter on one side, tables, chairs scattered on the other and all around a chit-chatting crowd of young mothers with their babies, workers, friends, people from the neighbourhood and new comers like myself!

Furthermore it is a few blocks away from the beautiful Canal Saint Martin: I always like to take a walk there.

Now I have to go and start spreading the word about this place, it is really nice and good!

Le Bichat

11, rue Bichat
75010 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)9 54 27 68 97


Opening hours

9 am- 11 pm






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