L’Atelier des Lilas in Paris is specialised in gluten free pastries and quiches which are prepared fresh everyday, with the best ingredients, NO additives, OGM or artificial colours and tons of “gourmandise”.

Besides many are also lactose-free, vegan and organic.

L’Atelier des Lilas has chosen not to have its own shop but to deliver its products to local shops, restaurants and coffee shops all around the city to give people who cannot eat gluten the possibility to find products that are gluten free certified and full of taste, wherever they go.

Today I was very happy to get the opportunity to visit the Atelier des Lilas new venue and meet with co-founder Alexandra Chaillat, one lively, dynamic young woman who showed me the many fantastic products that they make.

I knew some of them already as I have eaten and bought them in different places in the city.

Today I tried the cheesecake and also the butternut quiche. I liked them both and got fun in taking photos: they are good to eat and beautiful to see.

I saved some delicious chocolate chips cookies for the afternoon and organised a little gathering with a couple of friends for some catch up and chit-chat.

Such a rainy afternoon outside that I decided to put some colours inside 🙂

And then came the gluten free madeleines!

I like these soft, moist, special sweets that are perfect with tea.

The newest product made by L’Atelier des Lilas and ready to be launched is the Fronut, that is a French version of the American donut – baked, not fried.

Alexandra made me taste in “avant-première” the chocolate glazed fronut: I found it very tasty and light at the same time. Bravo!

My friend and artist Eiko Maekawa lent me two of  her lovely white plates made with the Faience technique.

I think they looked perfect for my little shooting today.

A warm thank you to both Alexandra and Eiko, I had a nice time with you today!

L’Atelier des Lilas



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