L’Atelier des Lilas – Les bûches de Noël

I have already told you about the great work the Atelier des Lilas does in Paris delivering everyday fresh gluten free cakes, tarts, cookies, quiches and so much more all over the city so that us – happy gluten free eaters and lovers- can find products that are safe from any cross contamination with gluten and full of taste!

This time I tell you about the bûches de Noël that L’Atelier des Lilas makes for the Christmas holidays – this typical French cake that I am big fan of and that you can find and eat only during this special time of the year.

As I said it in other posts dedicated to discover this special French Christmas cake, the bûches de Noël make me wonder, wander, let go…and looking and tasting the Atelier des Lilas ones made by Alexandra and her great team, I can say that these are no exception to that!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you… “Jardin d’hiver” – winter garden – “un mélange envoutant de chocolat blanc, cassis, et dacquoise de matcha”. In English it rhymes with white chocolate, cassis fruit and matcha daquoise, delicious!

Available on oder also “Belle Hélène” – un heureux mariage de poire avec du chocolat noir – that would be in English a happy marriage of pears and dark chocolate, well… these two are always a great match!

I also had the best gluten free “pain d’épice” that I have ever tasted !

Since I discovered I had celiac disease I haven’t had one in years… I am thankful to Alexandra and her team because they gave me back that pleasure and taste that I so much loved !

The “pain d’épice” along with the bûches de Noël can be ordered at contact@latelierdeslilas.com or by calling +33 (0)6 58 14 37 31 before December 18th.

Vous pouvez commander les bûches de Noël tout comme le pain d’épice en écrivant à contact@latelierdeslilas.com ou en appellant le 06 58 14 37 31 avant le 18 Décembre.

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