This pizza was so delicious that I have no words…

Just a colourful palette of zucchini velvet cream, fresh shrimps, provola affumicata cheese, extra olive oil and fresh lemon zest sprinkled on the pizza once it got out of the oven.

The author of this masterpiece is pizzaiolo and chef Gianfranco Iervolino. In his restaurant Gianfranco doesn’t make gluten free pizza, only with gluten, but one day he made an exception … lucky me! I wish he had a dedicated oven to perform gluten free pizzas on a regular basis, he is so talented.

Grazie Gianfranco!

pS Gianfranco is planning to have a dedicated oven to make gluten free pizza on a regular basis. To be continued…


Palazzo Vialdo

Via Nazionale, 981
Torre del Greco (Napoli)
tel. 0039 081 847 1624


Opening Hours

Open daily 7.00-12.00 pm






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