I just can’t forget a gluten free pizza this good: delicious bufala mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and sweet cherry tomatoes from Casa Barone.

These tomatoes are called “pomodorini del piennolo” from the tradition of peasants living close to the Vesuvio Volcano to weave them around a string until they form a large bunch (the so-called piennolo), then they are hung in a dry and ventilated place.

The gluten free pizza crust is just sublime: crunchy outside and soft inside.

The master pizzaiolo is Antonino Esposito and he really makes wonders with the pizza: he has invented the famous Frusta Sorrentina, re-imagining a new life and form for the pizza.

And what about his gluten free pizza ?!!

Well, I bet you cannot spot or feel the difference with a gluten one. It is incredibly good!

Another day I ate a gluten free pizza Margherita with mozzarella “fior di latte”, a typical typical cheese from Sorrento, fresh “datterini” tomato sauce added once the pizza is out of the oven, and fresh basil. And because you eat also with the eyes, in a place like Sorrento it might look tastier 😉

The restaurant is called Ahum: for the gluten free pizza, please call the restaurant one day in advance to make your reservation, I believe you will have an unforgettable experience just as I did.

When I left Sorrento yesterday to go back to Paris, I took one picture from the bus going to the airport: I love clouds so much and, as the songs goes, “Torna a Surriento.”

Ristorante Ahum

Via Sant’Antonio, 6
80067 Sorrento (NA)
cell. 0039 333 858 8379


Opening Hours

Open daily from 6 pm


PS for the gluten free pizza, book it one day in advance




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