Italy gluten free food tour: Turin


This week it’s gluten free pizza at La Locanda del Pentegallo in Turin on the occasion of my gluten free food tour with the beautiful French magazine Niepi. I am kind of habitué here. I like the pizza very much, besides cakes and dessert are good too.

At the reins of this pizza business, there are two long time friends and partners, Andrea and Dante.

Dante has been experimenting and cooking gluten free food for almost 14 years now while Andrea joined him in 2011 after years spent working in his own gluten free shop in Turin.

On the menu, you can choose between 80 pizza flavours…!

Unbelievable yet true. I have to say that those two guys are quite creative.

gluten free beer at Locanda del Pentegallo
delicious gluten free pizza at Locanda del Pentegallo

The choice is never easy to make. This time Fabien, Frédérique and myself opted of a delicious gluten free Margherita pizza with bufala, fresh basil and pachino tomatoes.

Then we tasted one with ham and eggs.

Last but not least we also tried the “farinata” which is a typical Italian pizza made of chickpeas flour. I like it so much! I find that chickpeas are very tasty and they marry beautifully with so many vegetables. Besides they are packed with good proteins. If you like them, this pizza is definitely good for you.

We also tasted the new gluten free beer by Greens with sorghum. If you can find this flavour somewhere close to you, it is kind of fruity and frankly great.

If you happen to be in Turin from Tuesday to Thursday, you can be lucky to find the “Giropizza”: you just need to be more than three people and then for 12 euros only you can order one pizza, that is cut in four pieces, you share it with your friends and then you can order another one that comes the same way. You can go on and on until you are fully pizza-satisfied and say stop 😉

At La Locanda del Pentegallo, tasks are shared: while Dante is the one who handles the pizza in the kitchen and then in the oven, Andrea keeps himself busy making delicious gluten free desserts.

They are so good that I even wrote a post about them that you can find right here.

This time Andrea made a typical Italian cake made of the famous “round-shaped” IGP hazelnut from the Piemonte region. This cake is also lactose free and utterly delicious! If you go, I hope you will find it. That’s something to try.

If you are not in a pizza mood, the gluten free menu at La Locanda del Pentegallo is quite extensive. It includes risotto, burgers and crêpes. Needless to say this is a place to splurge!

pS before leaving, a sweet young girl left the most beautiful souvenir of our staying at La Locanda del Pentegallo right on the table 🙂

Yummy gluten free pizza at Locanda del Pentegallo
Gluten free pizza at Locanda del Pentegallo
Andrea from the gluten free restaurant La Locanda del Pentegallo in Turin
delicious gluten free hazelnut cake at Locanda del Pentegallo

La Locanda del Pentegallo

Via A. Volta, 3
10121 Torino
Tel. + 39 011 764 0344



Opening hours

Tue – Sat
7.30 – 22.30 pm
Closed on Sun and Mon








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