If you would like to eat some great gluten free crêpes in Paris, Krügen is the place to go.

Krügen opened in 11th arrondissement not so long ago and it serves crêpes made of “black wheat”, as they call it in French. Basically “black wheat” is another word used for buckwheat that is naturally free of gluten. These gluten free crêpes are more appropriately called French galette and they are divine!

I love the strong taste of buckwheat and I think that it goes beautifully both served savoury or sweet.

great gluten free crêpes at krugen in paris
great gluten free crêpes at krugen in paris

Krügen was founded by two long-time friends, Fréd and Youenn, both born in the Bretagne region in France.

Together they share the same love for their homeland, the sea, the waves, the surf and of course the great food and products that this region has to offer.

Krügen is actually both a crêperie and an épicerie fine where you can enjoy gluten free galettes along with typical, local products like tuna, sardines, sausages, caramel toffees, cookies and cider.

I have to tell you that I do love a good glass of cider!

I tasted both the Coat-Albret and the newly arrived Aval, a Breton word for apple: both delicious.

My fave? The Aval one because I liked the brut side of this cider and the sweetness of the apple that you could still feel when you sip it.

As per the food I had a gluten free galette with goat cheese, cider jam, walnuts and salad. Yummy!

For dessert, as I could not eat the more traditional crêpes because it comes with gluten, I opted for yet another gluten free galette, this time with honey and lemon. So simple and yet so good.

great gluten free crêpes at krugen in paris

Are you curious to know what Krügen mean?!!?

Well, I was 🙂

Fréd and Youenn told me that it is the name of a well-known rock situated outside Saint-Guénolé harbour in Bretagne – the one in the picture below.

Saint-Guénolé is still famous today for the fishing of tuna and sardines.

great gluten free crêpes at krugen in paris

This week I went back to Krügen for the launch of its new range of naturally gluten free products: fish that comes into beautifully designed jars.

The designer is actually Youenn! That was his first job before he discovered a passion for cooking and turned into a talented cook.

From tuna to salmon, from crab to mackerel and sardines, you can really splurge. All the fish is sourced locally in the Bretagne region and flavoured with truffle for exemple. If you love its taste, this one is definitely to try.

The reason why I love this place so much, apart from the great gluten free food that is served, it’s because Krügen is not only a crêperie or an épicerie fine but also, from a larger perspective, a project of two passionate young men aiming at supporting the culture and the food of one of France most beautiful region, the Bretagne.

And here they come, Fréd and Youenn… my dear friends, see you soon!

fréd et youenn at krugen creperie in paris
new gluten free product range at krugen in paris
delicious aval cider at krugen creperie in paris


58, rue de la Fontaine au Roi
75011 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)9 52297879


Opening hours

Wed – Sat
12 am- 3 pm
6.30 – 12 pm
12 am- 3 pm



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