Kopps bar & restaurant

Kopps is a bar & restaurant in Berlin that is specialised in vegan cuisine with some nice gluten free options on the menu.

Today I tried their brunch that is available from 9.30 in the morning to 4 pm in the afternoon.

Located in the beautiful Mitte district, going to Kopps makes definitely a very nice walk.

I had gluten free yoghurt with dried nuts, fruit and goji berries. I also tried the vanilla chia pudding, very nice indeed.

Available several hot and cold options: I went straight for the cold ones as it is very hot in Berlin today!

I did enjoy Kopps gluten free rice noodles cooked with vegetables and a nice sauce. I paired them with different vegetables.

I had two refreshing drinks: still water with mint and a freshly squeezed juice with carrot and apple.

Later on I opted for some gluten free bread – not artisanal but from a mainstream brand that was ok – with delicious spreads: vegan butter with carrot and herbs, houmous with chickpeas and one with eggplant, my favourites!

To finish I had small watermelons cubes. I know that some of you might say that it is better to avoid fruit at the end of a meal, especially watermelon…!! The thing is that the weather was so hot that I went for it and it was ok after all 😉

I loved the design of the place: light pastel tones, flowers on the tables, and big windows wide open on the lovely Linienstraße : so much sun light coming inside makes it a nice place to stay, eat, drink and chit-chat.



Linienstraße 94
10115 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 432 097 75


Opening hours

Mon – Thu
6 pm – open end
Fri – Sun
Brunch 9.30 am – 4 pm
Dinner from 6 pm



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