Kapunka Thai restaurant

This evening my dear friend Alma Rota, journalist and author of the blog C-sans gluten, rang me to invite me to join her and taste the only and first Thai restaurant in Paris that is 100% gluten free: Kapunka. Alma and I, we are both celiac and it is always SO refreshing to us when we can go to a restaurant where everything is gluten free so we are safe from cross contamination with gluten and have a whole menu to choose from.


The Pad Thai are Kapunka specialties so the choice was easily made and both Alma and I opted for one with chicken. I am not that used to eat much chilly so to me it was maybe a little bit too hot – I know, I should have asked to have one without – but it was good. Besides it was a big portion so we didn’t go for dessert. We befriended with a couple who sat close to us and had the green curry, another of the house specialties. Maybe it is not for me as it is very HOT but if you like it HOT, this one to try too, our new friend confirmed it was delicious!

pS Kapunka has opened a second address in Paris called Monsieur K when Thai cuisine is magnified…ok put in the agenda for next time!


51, rue Saint-Sauveur
75002 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)9 81 90 15 48


Opening hours

Mon – Wed
12 am – 4 pm
Thu – Sat
12 am – 12 pm
Closed on Sunday







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