Today I would like to tell you the story of Freda and Friedrich v. Gilsa, who discovered they could not eat gluten due to heath issues and decided to do something about it.

This something is a beautiful bakery that opened in Berlin, in September 2014. They teamed up with Guido Tauer, a professional master baker since four generations, with the objective to create the best gluten free bread.

At Jute Bäckerei all the bread is fresh, hand-made, gluten free but also, organic and vegan. This means that everything is lactose-free and eggs- free as well. I can really say that this is a place where everybody is welcomed in :)!

Jute Bäckerei is also a lovely and bright coffee shop where you can sit, relax, drink coffee or tea – I am a tea lover 😉 – and of course eat their fantastic sandwiches and pastries.

I had a delicious sandwich with Hubs bread made of whole grain rice flour, corn starch, teff flour and fresh carrot purée. Inside tomato salad, rocket and pesto. Yummy!

I drank a nice home-made iced tea and my dessert was Tona.

Tona, as well as all the other names of the products displayed at the bakery, are actually Freda and Friedrich friends’ first names. Tona, for example, comes from Antonia and it is one of a kind sweet pastry made by Jute Bäckerei.

I loved it very much!

The choice of fresh bread is really interesting: you can have loaves baked following the German baking tradition, several rolls or baguettes. I opted the newest loaf, the Max & Gero, made of buckwheat flour and sourdough.

I also enjoyed Annabell which is a sweet bread perfect for breakfast, tea time or just a snack.

What about the gluten free, vegan pastries…?!!

I have to confess that I tried more than one yesterday and they were all very good.

There are muffins, brownies, crumbles that vary according to the seasons; this means that there are constantly new marriages of different fruit that offer clients the possibility to discover and taste new flavours.

Danielle who is in charge of the coffee shop and is greeting clients when they arrive, keeps the atmosphere of the bakery joyful, calm and friendly.

I loved the flowers all around, they make the place feel homey, beautiful and warm.

A big thank you to Freda, Friedrich and Danielle of Jute for making me spend such a wonderful moment there, chatting and eating great gluten free bread and pastries,

What a joy !

Jute Bäckerei 

Schönhauser Allee 52 a
10437 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
Tel. +49 (30) 68 00 65 58


Opening hours

Tue to Sat
8.30 am – 7 pm
10 am – 3 pm
Closed on Monday







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