Jules et Shim Korean pic-nic

Gluten free food is great and when it is prepared with fun, it is just fantastic! At Jules et Shim in Paris they are specialized in Korean food and some of it is also gluten free. For a quick lunch stop, it is the perfect place to go.

I love their boxes that open up like a flower: inside the “bibimbap”, a delicious mix Korean steamed rice, a mix of five vegetables cooked with sesame, and then you can choose between spiced pork (but not too much), bulgogi meat, shrimps with Thais sauce, and vegetarian. I went for the meat. My dressing was mild chili sauce. It was very good. I fully enjoyed it.

I also had the daily soup with zucchini, fresh herbs and chili. Refreshing!

I wish they will have some gluten free dessert on the menu one day.

While waiting,  you can take some time to have a walk along the Canal Saint Martin. As you might have already read it in my older posts, I love this neighborhood: so alive, creative, dynamic. It inspires and relaxes me at the same time. Can’t wait to be back!

Jules et Shim

22, rue des Vinaigries
75010 Paris
Tel. +33 (o)1 58 20 17 91


Opening hours

Mon – Fri
12am -3 pm and 7-10pm
Sat – Sun
12 am – 10pm




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