Icho Izakaya gluten free sushi

Finally I found a gluten free Japanese restaurant in Paris: Icho Izakaya.

You have to know that Japanese restaurants have made me sick so many times because of the soya sauces or the rice vinegars hiding wheat – and so did gluten – where I least expected it that at the end of the day, I didn’t want to go there anymore. Cramps in my stomach were too painful to bear.

When my friend Soraya from Gluten free in Paris told me that her favorite Japanese restaurant in town was gluten free friendly, meaning not 100% gluten free but with gluten free options on the menu, I was very happy to go with her and try it.

Aroun Tanovan owner of the place and master chef is one of the most welcoming persons that I have ever met. He masters the art of the perfect cut and his gluten free sushi, sashimi and maki are fresh, prepared in front of your and utterly delicious.

The must that you should try if you go and are hungry enough (it is quite big) is the dish called “Hanami”: a triumph of colours, taste, and different textures that makes it worth the trip.

Desserts are all with gluten but after such a nice meal, frankly I didn’t feel the need to have one…kind of a first for me, so that’d been good …!

If you go, don’t forget to ask for the tamari sauce that is the only soy sauce that has no gluten inside. And please say hello to the chef from me…yes, that’s him, the lovely monsieur in my picture below 😉

Icho Izakaya

3, rue des Tournelles
75004 Paris
Tel. 01 44 78 03 92




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