H.O.P.E. the vegan place to be with gluten free on top!

Here I am today at H.O.P.E., acronym for Home of the Plant Eaters, the new vegan restaurant in Paris with gluten free options on the menu!

H.O.P.E. is the brainchild of Émilie, vegan blogger and author of the beautiful blog Jardinenfleurs.com, and her husband Victor who is the chef at H.O.P.E. and who cooks there everyday.

I was very happy to see that gluten free options are clearly stated on the menu: to me this is a sign of tolerance towards people who have healthy issues linked to food but who still want to enjoy it like everybody else and with everybody else.

So here, you can always find a starter, one main course and a dessert that are free of gluten.

hope vegan restaurant in paris
hope vegan gluten free menu
hope vegan restaurant paris
hope vegan restaurant design detail

The challenge of’Émilie and Victor was to show everybody, especially the most sceptical people, that eating vegan was not eating just grains or vegetables all the time – even though they are very good – but that you can enjoy a whole meal full of flavour and taste, that can suit even the more demanding customers. 

I went to H.O.P.E. two times in a row and I tasted the veggie bowl, the risotto with mushrooms and the vegetables curry with coconut milk.

Would you like to to know which one was my favourite?!?

The curry: hot, generous, creamy, it was delicious!

After I would say the risotto: as an Italian, I love risotto and I often cook it at home (besides on this blog you can enjoy several risotto’s recipes of mine ;).

I was very curious to try a vegan one, it was my first time and it didn’t disappoint: the consistency, the taste, it was very good indeed!

I was a little bit disappointed by the veggie bowl though: I didn’t find it very tasty and a bit small given the price.

I didn’t try the gluten free dessert but I plan to do it next time I will go to this restaurant. 

H.O.P.E. is a beautiful adventure: when you step through the door, you feel welcomed, the design made of wood, very bright and minimal, invites you to take a moment in time, to slowly savour your meal in a quite, peaceful environment. 

Next time I go, I hope to find also special menus exclusively for lunch as it is often the case in Paris: it will make us taste one more dish at affordable prices.

I would like to end this post with the words of Émilie that to me sum up the mission of H.O.P.E. so beautifully:

“Victor and I, we wish to see flourish in Paris more and more restaurants that propose vegan foods. We wish that for the future of our baby child, for the future of our planet. This is why we created H.O.P.E.: we wanted to engage ourselves in something we believed into, that we cared strongly about, because eating vegan is above all an ethical choice that deals also with the environment, with our health and our wellbeing. This project is a mirror of our beliefs and we hope that it will be appreciated by many, many people.”

That is what I hope as well!

hope vegan gluten free lunch
hope vegan gluten free curry
hope gluten free vegan risotto


19, rue de Picardie
75003, Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 78 93 06




Wed – Sat
12 am – 3 pm
7 – 10 pm
11:30 am – 3:30 pm
7 – 10 pm
Closed on Mon and Tue





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