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Honest Greens has opened a new venue in Barcelona and I couldn’t be happier!

Honest Greens is both a restaurant and coffee shop specialised in organic, unprocessed, local, flexitarian, healthy-licious foods with many gluten free, paleo and vegan options on the menu. Their table is definitely large enough to make room to everyone …!

Besides all the foods are cooked in-house on a daily basis, they use no additive or refined sugars and they source everything from local farms who are carefully selected.

In fact they use the word “ethical sourcing” which means that they do care that the farmers are well paid and treat the land with respect.

honest greens veggie bowl
honest greens barcelona
honest greens kale tofu salad

I was in Barcelona for work lately and I have to tell you that I visited them more than once.

I do love the fact that you can pick up a base (veggies or salad) and make up your dish by adding all the proteins, carbs, nuts and sauces that you want.

Their portions are large and generous, beautifully presented; they are just a feast to the eyes!

I do love their hummus and the sweet potatoes fries… a must if you go.

Also, they serve several raw, gluten free vegan cakes. They are such a treat and perfect for a tea in the afternoon.

I went there for breakfast too and tasted their granola bowl and porridge, they were both very good!

I loved to stay there, eat, observe the crowd (as it is very popular, it gets easily very crowded) and chill (yes, I can chill in the middle of the crowd… )

Another plus…the staff! They are all super friendly and very accommodating.

The design of the place is spacious, airy and beautiful.

I did enjoy my time there and I can’t recommend it more… Long Live to Honest Greens!

honest greens coconut yoghurt paleo granola
honest greens matcha latte
honest greens cute dog
honest greens vegan gluten free porridge

Honest Greens

Rambla de Catalunya 3
08007 Barcelona



Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:
8:30h – 11:30h and 12:00h – 23:00h
8:30h – 11:30h and 12:00h – 00h
9:30h – 12:30h and 13:00h – 00h
9:30h – 12:30h and 13:00h – 23:00h





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