Eat good. Feel good. Do good.

Honest Greens is a restaurant in Madrid that is specialised in healthy food:  every day they select the best seasonal ingredients from local suppliers, all the dishes are cooked fresh in front of your eyes in their beautiful, open kitchen, and, what it’s ever better, they propose a wide variety of foods: from plant-based to meat, from vegan to gluten free and paleo, because they wish everyone can find a place at their table, how great it that!

Their credo can be summed up in this sentence: Eat Good Feel Good Do good!

If we learn to listen to our body and give him good food, we will feel more energy and we will perform better in our daily life.

At Honest Greens all processed food is banned along with chemical additives, conservatives and refined sugar.

honest greens restaurant in madrid
honest greens restaurant in madrid delicious food

The moment you step in, you are welcome with a smile by the friendly staff.

You can select from the menu the dish that you would like to eat, and then add additional ingredients from the large counter table.

I went there for lunch on a Sunday and opted for a beautiful salad full of greens, the most delicious turmeric hummus and the most fantastic fried sweet potatoes that I have ever tasted…It was such a treat!

Coffee was great too and they have plant-milk options for your lattes or cappuccino.

For desserts, there are gluten free cakes but as I did indulge in my meal, I decided to save them for another time I will be in town.

Honest Greens… You rock!

honest greens sweet potatoes fries
honest greens yummy gluten free lunch
honest greens madrid coffee

Honest Greens

Paseo de la Castellana, 89
28046 Madrid



Opening hours

Mon – Thu
12.30 am -4.30 pm and 7.30 – 12 pm
12.30 am -12.00 pm
Sat and Sun
1 – 12 pm




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