The Parisian gluten free pastry shop

Today I woke up with one big desire: eating a good, yummy cheesecake. I don’t know what I must have dreamt the night before (?!) but I could clearly identify the object of my craving and also where to find it… Helmut Newcake the gluten free pastry shop at La Madeleine! I had some errands to run in the neighborhood so I told myself I could easily and happily combine the two 😉

Yummy gluten free cheesecake of Helmut Newcake gluten free pastry shop
Helmut Newcake gluten free pastry shop: yummy gluten free pineapple vanilla tart

I have been knowing Marie and François Tagliaferro, the lovely couple that created Helmut, for quite a while now and it is always nice to see them again, have a little chat around gluten free food and of course, the cheesecake! I loved the orange zest that Marie sprinkled in it. It was soft, sweet, delicious.

When the battle for the cheesecake was over, I turned myself around and I found myself surrounded by an army of chocolate eclairs, religeuses, tarts, cakes, brownies…how to defend myself?? Well, just surrender!

delicious gluten free strawberry tart
delicious gluten free eclair

I left carrying in my bag, well, a brioche, some madeleines and a cannelé that, as François explained me, is typical of the Bordeaux region and it is made with the same dough used for the crepe, with the flavors of rum and vanilla. Can’t wait to be home and try it.

Bye Bye Helmut, see you soon!

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gluten free cake with pistache and chocolate

Helmut Newcake 

28, rue Vignon
75009 Paris
Tél : +33 (0)9 81 31 28 31
144 Rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris 


Opening hours

Tue – Sat
11 am – 7 pm




The kitcken handles only gluten free ingredients




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