“THE gluten free pastry shop” in Paris

Helmut Newcake is the first gluten free pastry shop to open in Paris in 2011. Actually it was “the first of the first” because, if I remember it well, at the time there were no dedicated places to gluten free foods in town, even less you could imagine to spot some good gluten free cakes or bread somewhere around…

Religeuse gluten free

Marie Tagliaferro was working at the famous Le Nôtre when she discovered she had celiac disease. After a new job experience in London, she decided to put all her knowledge together and start making the gluten free food that she’d have loved to eat one day.

With her husband François, they came back to Paris and opened Helmut Newcake in rue Bichat, not far from the beautiful Canal Saint Martin, one of those places to go when you are in Paris.

I still remember the first time I went there, I remember how happy I was that I could FINALLY eat and splurge in so many delicious sweets, tarts, cakes – everything was gluten free and so good that my gluten eaters friends were more than happy to enjoy the experience with me.

What about the eclair with toffee cream or with chocolate ?!… They are so good!

Eating the éclair (choux)  was one of those “dream come true” moment in my life because since I discovered I was celiac I thought I would never eat one again. At Helmut Newcake there are also the lovely and delicious French “religeuse”: the one with chocolate is to die for and so cute that it got one special picture.

Since last year, at Helmut, they started baking fresh gluten free bread on a daily basis – I was more than happy to taste it and took a picture of the wide selection they offer. And if you are in mood of something else than sweets, the menu offers a selection of dishes that you can eat at lunch. In the photo gallery there are the “calzoni” made of pizza dough, mozzarella cheese and ham. I haven’t tasted them yet but they look delicious.

Last Sunday I went back to Helmut Newcake with my dear friend Clément to try something I haven’t tasted it yet: gluten free brunch! We started with orange and grapefruit juices + fresh gluten free bread + butter & jam.

Followed by green tea and a plate of smoked salmon + toasts, salad, banana pancakes and scrambled eggs.
To finish in full beauty we had delicious choux with orange cream, caramel glaze and ginger bread topping.
And I couldn’t help leaving without trying one of the sweet “chouquettes”, I like them very much!

I think the chouquette is typically French: it consists of choux pastry sprinkled with pearls of sugar. Inside it’s empty and fluffy. I am so happy that now I can eat them again, so good and gluten free.

Merci Marie !

Helmut New Cake

Canal Saint Martin

36 rue Bichat
75010 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)9 82 59 00 39


Opening hours

Closed until new opening






The kitcken handles only gluten free ingredients


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