These days in Paris is all about detox, detox and again… detox!

Whenever I look at magazines, books, Instagram, in the streets, people are all about the latest juices to drink or where to find the best açai bowl in town! It feels refreshing actually, I am always curious about new foods, I just don’t know where to look anymore!

Last week I happen to be in rue Charlot, in the Marais, and I spotted a new juice bar called Healthy Inside. I needed to satisfy my curiosity so I got inside and decided to stay for lunch.

I discovered that Healthy Inside is not only a delightful juice bar and vegetarian, organic coffee shop but also the story of Pascale who founded it and Isabelle who joined her to make this new adventure happen. Pascale herself concocted all  the recipes for the juices: they are fresh and squeezed “cold”, with no added sugar or preservatives. The objective of Healthy Inside it to propose juices that keep all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the fruit intact during the process and all the flavours as well. Among those I tasted, I loved “Very Dinamisant” a blend of apple, pear, kale, ginger and coconut water. I also liked its consistency: velvety and smooth.

Pascale has Italian origins – her family is actually from Cetara, close to Sorrento, my hometown, and Gaeta, a city on the Mediterranean sea equally distant from Naples and Rome – and she tells me, she conceived the whole menu like she were to cook it at home. Basically there are all the things that she loves eating the most: very little gluten – so most of the dishes are gluten free – lots of fresh vegetables, beans, pulses, fruit. The ingredients are seasonal, organic and locally sourced. The menu is simple, yet warm, it really feels like you were eating at home. The gluten free dessert was a yummy apple crumble. I couldn’t be happier as I love crumbles a lot. This one was yummy.

Before leaving Pascale tells me that Sunday is brunch day, curious to discover what’s up on the menu and also the other juices. Even though the word detox is very #VeryTandC lately, I think that when a product is conceived with such hard work, passion and care, it is good and makes us feel good for real!

To be trendy or not to be trendy …it’s no longer the question.

Health Inside

30, rue Charlot
75003 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 78 18 81


Opening hours

Tue – Sun
12 am –  6.30 pm
Closed on Monday





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