Here she is our Véro from the Baci di Dama team who tells us more about gluten free candies and what she has just found out in Bruxelles!

“Candies are my keys to the lost world of my childhood; I love to go back there now and then.

Instead, I could climb trees but I’m a lot less agile, I could roller blade but it is quiet risky now or I could pretend I’m one of the “Charlie’s Angels” but I would have hard time finding a friend to play with me.

So candies are the easiest way to wander in my childhood memories. They remind me of my grandmother who spoiled me with candies, of that « blessed » after school time: they are a piece of happiness and carlessness.

As I grew up, there was much less concern about what we ate: nobody mentioned  disgusting additives, ugly E326 or E whatever, gluten, lactose, etc… Now there’s always some guilt coming with candies because we know they contain a lot of dirty ingredients.

I found a way to kick off the guilt: it is called « Happy by Nature ».

Those candies are organic, without animal gelatin, no artificial colorant  and no gluten.

They come in 4 varieties and in a nice, little packaging.

And yes, they are yummy and delicious.

Honestly, those candies are better than the 100% chemical ones. My favorites: Sun Fish Winegums and Tropi Cola.

My son loves them too. I can spoil him and be a good mother.

I told you no guilt, no after thought, only a sweet little moment tasting like a piece of my childhood.”

Happy by Nature

In Brussels it is sold at Delhaize:
You can shop the brand also on line, click here


Post written by Véro, Miss Zen





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