Happy Crulture raw granola

The Épicerie Générale is one of my favourite places to shop here in Paris. To me, what makes it special in the first place are the people that work there: smiling, warm, welcoming, they make you feel good. The second is the great choice of organic brands: the best of the made in France is selected with the greatest care by Maud and Lucio who founded the Épicerie Générale in 2011. Their constant research makes me wonder in the aisles every time I go there. It came with no surprise that during my last visit, I discovered one beautiful brand combined with a special project: Happy Crulture. Happy Crulture is about raw food that is also vegan, gluten free, tasty…just pure happiness for me!

Happy Crulture was founded by the raw chef Camila Prioli, and it’s the first French brand of raw kale chips. I haven’t tried the kale yet but I bought the granola – I am a big granola lover – and this one is so good! Such a nice mix of buckwheat, almonds, hazelnuts, figues and raisins. By the way they are “active”: they have pre-germinated before dehydration and that procedure helps them retain up to 200% of their nutritional benefits!

Happy Crulture is also a brand with a vision and that makes me like it even more: the objective is to support and develop a business model that is “conscious” meaning that it privileges sustainable agriculture, and a social-oriented ecology. Making the choice of buying products like Happy Crulture makes me feel good as they are good and also we can be sure that our gesture has a positive impact in the world we live in.

Happy Crulture



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