Hank does not serve gluten free pizza anymore…

For the Neapolitan that I am and a huge pizza fan indeed, it’s always good news to me when a new gluten free pizza place opens up in Paris, the city where I currently live.

So today I am particularly happy to tell you about Hank and its vegan, gluten free pizza!

I think that if you live in Paris, you might already be familiar with Hank: this vegan restaurant opened its doors almost three years ago proposing great vegan burgers, with gluten free options.

Last month they decided to open a second venue in the Marais that is specialised in vegan pizza with gluten free options as well!

hank vegan gluten free pizza
hank vegan gluten free restaurant in paris
hank vegan gluten free pizza in paris

Here I am at Hank for lunch today: I met with Agnès, one of the six co-funders of this fast “good” concept, and with Roxane, a lively, smart vegan blogger that I got to know early on and who manages the PR at Hank.

Each new foodie experience that I make is always fascinating to me, this one was a special encounter as the team at Hanks is very nice, and I am not exaggerating one bit… !

Agnès and Roxane told me more about Hank mission: when they created this place, their objective was to show that eating vegan, and also gluten free, was actually good, that it could be enjoyed by everyone and shared with everyone!

Food is about happiness and there is nothing better than sitting at a table where everyone is welcomed and could find something to eat that she or he likes.

Hanks restaurants are very colourful, cosy, warm: they are designed to make you feel welcomed and have a nice time while enjoying great pizza.

As Agnès says, foods is the doorstep to pleasure and here all the recipes are carefully thought to achieve this: the ingredients selected with care, they supply the best possible ingredients, mostly from local producers, to please their demanding clients.

Gluten free pizza, for example, is made with focaccia by the renown French gluten free bakery Chambelland, flavours change daily but the gluten free one will always be on the menu.

Personally I tasted two pizza:

  • the Dandy with truffle oil, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms and toasted hazelnuts.
  • The Hawaienne – my favourite – with homemade cheese, fresh pineapple, smoked tofu and cherry tomatoes.

To me prices are fair and you can choose among different menus that include pizza, salad, drinks and dessert.

A dish by itself can speak 1000 words as Agnès told me before I left so… I let you try it and then tell me about it … 😉

hank vegan and gluten free pizza in paris
hank vegan and gluten free pizza


18 Rue des Gravilliers
75003 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)9 72 50 33 68



Opening hours

Open daily
12 am – 10 pm



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