GROM is the beautiful story of a friendship between Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom. GROM makes fantastic gluten free ice creams available in many shops in Italy and abroad. GROM has just launched its first gluten free cone and I was so happy to find it out yesterday at their shop in Venice train station, Santa Lucia.

grom gluten free ice-cream

As a celiac, I have always loved GROM: their ice cream is delicious and since the beginning they have made flavors that were also gluten free. Even their delicious range of biscuits is free of gluten. Now the cone, well, it is just the cherry on the cake!

Besides it is more than a cone, it has consistency of a biscuit, so more crunchy and tasty. It is also free of vegetable fats. At GROM, they pay big attention to select the highest-quality raw ingredients. They use no added flavorings, colors, preservatives or chemical additives of any kind.

When summer kicks in, at GROM they start making popsicles with fresh fruit. What is new and great about theirs is the chocolate icing done before eyes. I love watching how the “conistas” (a neologism invented by GROM to address their smily gangs of boys and girls working at their shops) perform this magic: they gently slip the popsicle of your choice in a pot with hot Teyuna dark chocolate. Once the liquid chocolate hits the ice, it becomes solid. I just love them, the dark chocolate is one of the best I ever tasted.


Venice train station
Santa Lucia
Grom ice-cream shops are in many Italian cities and also abroad
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