GRØD in Copenhagen is the first porridge bar in the world to open up in August 2011 in the trendy, and lovely street called Jægersborggade.

At his reins a 21st years old boy with a big passion for porridge and one big dream: show the world that porridge can be healthy, super tasty and so versatile.

With more than 6 venues in the city up to date,  GRØD proved it right and more…

grod all toppings porridge gluten free
grod porridge gluten free vegan

Today  GRØD has issued his first recipes book available both in Danish and in English, a granola range (eyes on the peanut butter one) and beautiful pottery in association with Broste Copenhagen is also available for sale to make your porridge at home.

They have gluten free, vegan porridge as well and it is made of gluten free rolled oats, quinoa and chia seeds.

I found the consistency of the porridge creamy and light at the same time thanks to a recipe that combines almond milk with water. I liked it a lot!

And then, there are the toppings …!

So many to choose from and if it is too hard for you to pick some, well, a version of porridge with all the toppings is now on the menu!!

I had it and oh boy, I can’t recommend it more, so good.

Have fun!

grod porridge gluten free vegan in copenhagen


 Vesterbrogade 105b
1620 København
To check the other venues:



Opening hours

Mon – Fri
7.30 am – 9 pm
Sat – Sun
9 am – 9 pm




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