Golosi di Salute by Luca Montersino

Golosi di Salute by Luca Montersino is one of the best pastry shops in Italy. Multi-awarded chef Luca Montersino has been a pioneer in making pastries that are also gluten free, lactose free, eggs free or vegan.

To him avoiding an ingredient does not mean make food that is less tasty or good, on the contrary: when you eat one of his sweet creations, you realise that despite being gluten free or lactose free or eggs free, it is so incredibly good that actually, it isn’t missing anything !

Yesterday I was happy to go to Alba, where his adventure started years ago.

Today Luca, along with Alessia and her husband Simone, opened a new venue in Alba beautiful historical city centre just one week ago.

Alessia was very nice to show me around and made me taste some of Luca’s gluten free specialties.

I started with a good Italian cappuccino and Luca’s own version of the Baci di Dama biscotti: I love Baci di Dama, called this website after them, and Luca’s are the best ever, stuffed with a yummy gianduja spread.

After I tasted some “mignon”.

In Italian we call “mignon” a smaller version of a bigger cake. I had some delicious “Arlecchino” with lemon chantilly, and gelée of red fruit. Then one with yoghurt and strawberry and yet another with white chocolate and peaches. So good!

I also loved Luca’s “Frollini di Dama”: two delicious and delicate biscuits with hazelnuts, half covered by a chocolate glaze, that are stuffed with chantilly and philadelphia cheese and hide a surprise inside: a candied black cherry!

I tried the Diabella made of hazelnut bavarese and milk chocolate, that is also sugar free.

The tiramisu, sugar free as well, and when you taste it, believe me, you couldn’t spot the difference if it were with sugar.

I also tried the Chibouste with orange and chocolate. The Chibouste is also lactose free.

At Golosi di Salute, all the ingredients are selected with great care and only the best make their way in Luca’s pastry shop.

Along with fresh pastries, available and on sale, there are many other products made by Luca like his famous “Sbrisolona” cake made with almonds that is gluten free, lactose free and eggs free!

We are in Alba, in the Piemonte region, where the best hazelnuts are produced so I would suggest you don’t leave Golosi di Salute without one of Luca’s yummy gianduja spreads! They are divine!

And what is great is that Luca makes them to respond to different needs so you have the classic one and also special versions that are sugar free for example.

At Golosi di Salute, there is room for everybody: we can splurge, we can enjoy and be happy to eat such great pastries.

Grazie Luca!

Grazie also to Alessia who was lovely and to all the staff as well!

Golosi di Salute

Piazza Savona, 9-11
12051 Alba (CN)
Tel. + 39 0173.442983


Opening hours

Tue – Fri
7 – 12.30 am
2.30-7.30 pm
Sat – Sun
8 – 12.30 am
2.30-7.30 pm
Closed on Monday


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