A new season is almost here… fall, my favourite of the year… a new air is gently breathing, both mind and body are about to adapt and welcome the new…. So to celebrate all this, I decided to bake a new cake and I am happy to share with you the recipe of this Fall cake with gluten free sourdough, sorghum flour and figs! I really liked it a lot and I hope you will enjoy making it; please let me know if you have any questions. Love, Chiara

recette gateau au levain sans gluten
recette gateau au levain sans gluten
recette gateau au levain sans gluten


Preheat the oven at 175 °C.

The coconut oil has to be liquid and cold before using.

Separate the whites from the yolks.

In a large bowl, beat the yolks with the sugar first. They have to become pretty foamy. Add a pinch of salt. Add the coconut oil. Mix well.

Add the buckwheat sourdough and keep mixing. Sift all the flours, all the powders and add them too.

In a separate bowl beat the eggs white “à neige” and then, when ready, add them gently to the dough by keeping mixing in the same direction.

Add the lemon zest.

Grease a cake pan. Pour in the mixture.

Clean and cut the fruit of your choice. Dispose them on the cake with some almonds flakes. One important piece of advice, the more fruit you add, the more water they will release in the dough while baking – this will change the consistency of the cake – it will still be good though. That said – for a perfect texture – I would add less fruit than I did 😉

Bake for about 20 minutes at 175°C . Then keep baking at 160°C for about 30/40 minutes in total. During the last 10 minutes add some baking paper on top of the cake so that the fruit on top would not become too dry/cooked. Remember also that each oven is different so the baking time depends on the power of your oven. Insert a toothpick to check it and if it comes out dry, then the cake is well and ready.

Cool it down completely before eating.

recette gateau au levain sans gluten
recette gateau au levain sans gluten


– 100gr not refreshed buckwheat sourdough (whole rice or rice work well too)
– 100gr sorghum flour
– 50gr hazelnut flour
– 50gr extra-fine brown rice flour
– 100gr plant milk (here chestnut-rice)
– 100gr coconut oil
– 100gr coconut sugar
– 1 pinch of salt
– 2 big eggs
– 1 coffee spoon of baking powder
– 1 coffee spoon of bicarbonate of soda
– 1 coffee spoon of cinnamon
– zestes of one organic lemon
– fruit of your choice
– almonds

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