Gluten free tart with apricot jam

Yesterday my dad was given some sunny-kissed fresh apricots. My bother Francesco and I love them so much and we thought of baking a gluten free tart with home-made apricot jam. Yum!

For the flour we decided to use again Alimenta 2000 mix for shortcrust pastry as we liked the result we got with the deliziose tarts with ricotta and semi-candied pears that we baked previously.


Break the hazelnuts, grill them in the oven at 160°, they are ready when they turn golden brown and the skin is easily removed from the fruit. Have them cool down. Put them in the freezer for 5 hours, in this way the hazelnuts oils will remain intact. Put them in a mixer and mix them.


In a food processor add the hazelnuts, the sugar and mix them first.

Add the grated skin of one fresh lemon, the flour, the butter you just took out from the fridge and cut in small cubes.

Mix the ingredients together until they reach a sand-like consistency. Then add the eggs. Mix it until it becomes a pastry dough.


Put the shortcrust pastry dough in a wrap and put it to chill in the fridge for half a day.


Now the apricot jam: wash the apricots, dry them gently with a kitchen towel, take the kernel out and cut them into pieces.

Take a large pot, add the apricot, the sugar, the lemon juice, start cooking over low heat.

When you cook a jam, you need to supervise and stir it regularly.

You know that it is ready when the water of the fruit has fully evaporated.

Turn the heat off and let the jam cool down.


Let’s take the shortcrust pastry out of the fridge. Cut it in 2 parts: one big and one smaller.

On a kitchen work table put one sheet of greaseproof paper, add some flour and then the bigger shortcrust pastry dough. Add some flour on the pastry as well and put another sheet of greaseproof paper on top of it.

Start  rolling out the pastry dough until it gets 5 mm thick. If the pastry gets too sticky along the way, add more flour.

Place it in a tart or pie pan. Prick with a fork all over, and flute the edges.

Roll out also the smaller shortcrust pastry dough using the same technique as above.

With a coppapasta (a mould for pastry) cut it into small stars (you can use whatever form you like).

Pour the jam on the tart and then place the stars all over it.

Pre-heat the over to 170°.

Cook it for about 40 minutes. Cool it down.

I have to say, I love this gluten free recipe!

The shortcrust pastry made with hazelnuts marries beautifully with the apricot jam.


pS if you have any question about this recipe, don’t hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer you.



Recipe for 10 people


Shortcrust pastry

– 220 gr flour mix for cakes by Alimenta 2000
– 140 gr butter
– 100 gr  caster sugar
– 100 gr hazelnuts (70 gr for the pastry and 30gr to roll the tarts in it)
– 1 egg + 1 egg yolk
– the grated skin of 1 lemon
– tart or pie pan cm 28 (diameter )


Apricot jam

– 750 gr apricot
– 250 gr caster sugar
– half a lemon juice


Recipe by Francesco

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