Italy Gluten free Food Tour with Niepi: Milan


I ate the best gluten free risotto of my life, today I can tell you out and loud, at the gluten free restaurant Taverna Guyot in Milan.

During the Italy gluten free food tour that I organised for the French magazine Niepi, I thought that it was a good idea to have Frédérique and Fabien taste one of Italian specialty: the famous risotto « alla milanese » !

Taverna Guyot was created by Marco Gatta and Corrado Calabro.

Marco’s wife, as he tells us, has celiac disease and that’s for this reason, for Love, that he decided to create a restaurant specialised in great tasting Italian cuisine and on the same time have it suitable to cook also gluten free, safe from any cross-contamination with gluten (to see the AIC logo – Italian Celiac association – displayed on the front door of the restaurant as a guarantee of safe gluten free food).

The good news is that all the risotto available can be also lactose-free. Actually people like me who have celiac disease can be also lactose intolerant (I can’t exaggerate with it either…). Yes, we have all the perks, I know 😉 But I can tell you that, that evening, our little team of gluten free food lovers tasted the lactose-free risotto as well and it was yummy-licious!!

gluten free risotto taverna guyot milan

Taverna Guyot is a restaurant specialised in rice and wine. Actually the name Guyot is a homage to French Doctor Jules Guyot who is remembered for making significant improvements, though his studies and books, in the cultivation of grapevines useful for the production of quality wines.

The rice used at Taverna Guyot, as Marco explains us, is the Carnaroli variety that I personally like very much. It comes form a local producer and the product is “Km Zero”, really “that” close.

We ate one great risotto “alla Milanese”, made with saffron that gives the rice its beautiful golden colour. Fabien tasted another one always called “alla Milanese” but with “ossobuco” (sliced veal shank); we also enjoyed a risotto made of black rice called “Venere”, with chickpeas, fresh parsley and squid. I loved how the taste of black rice, that reminds me sometimes that of toasted hazelnuts, married with the flavour of chickpeas and the fish. So good! Then we had yet another one with sausages and pecorino cream cheese. Needless to say that we did splurge that evening and got home veeeeeery happy.

Apart from more classic ones, the menu at Taverna Guyot includes also several kinds of risotto that vary according to the seasons and to the local products found at the market.

There are also Italian and French cheese selected with the great care from small producers that you can taste if you have room left at the end of the meal; the portions of risotto are quite large and generous.

gluten free risotto taverna guyot
gluten free risotto taverna guyot milan
gluten free restaurant taverna guyot
gluten free risotto taverna guyot

I can’t but congratulate Marco and Corrado: Taverna Guyot is not only a restaurant but it is an experience around Italian cuisine: its flavours, textures, story and colours, all harmoniously combined in the dish you order.

Furthermore it’s all gluten free so it’s good for everybody!

pS I love cooking risotto at home. if you like to sneak a pick at my risotto alla milanese’s recipe, it’s right here.

gluten free restaurant taverna guyot milan
gluten free restaurant taverna guyot milan

Taverna Guyot

Via Arnaldo da Brescia, 3
20159 Milano
Tel. +39 02.87237103



Opening hours

Mon – Sat
7 – 12 pm
Closed on Sunday






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