This week I went back with my family to the Trifoglio restaurant in Pimonte, close to Sorrento.

We discovered this place during summer, we went there for lunch and we did like it a lot.

You can have a look at my older post. Home made pasta, cakes, all delicious!

So I was eager to taste their gluten free pizza too; they make it only for dinner.

Besides it is made with an artisanal mix, produced by a local mill near Salerno and it is cooked in a proper pizza oven avoiding all contaminations with gluten. Il Trifoglio has been trained and certified by the AIC – the Italian celiac association.

gluten free pizza at Il Trifoglio
fried gluten free pizza at Il Trifoglio

So here I am back to eat gluten free Margherita pizza with bufala mozzarella cheese.

The ingredients were very good but I have to say I was disappointed with the pizza crust, it was not cooked properly and it was a pity because it tasted good.

Fried pizza balls weren’t great either.

I would say that I will keep this restaurant for lunch, not dinner – I enjoyed its freshly made gluten free pasta way better than its pizza 😉

Il Trifoglio

Via Piano, 20
80050 Pimonte (NA)
Tel. +39 081 879 21 38



Opening hours

Open daily
Lunch and Dinner
Closed on Tuesday







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