Today I am happy to tell you about another good gluten free pizza in Paris: it is made by the Italian pizzaiolo Gianpaolo Camarca at Il Quadrifoglio restaurant, close to Bastille.

Gianpaolo moved to Paris three years ago, he’s been working at Il Quadrifoglio since two and he has learnt to make gluten free pizza since…two months!

I love gluten free pizza, it’s my favourite food in the world. I still prefer it more the “Neapolitan” way as, well, I am from Naples, but I have to say that Gianpaolo’s gluten free pizza is really good.

It’s crunchy, the dough is tasty, the ingredients also.

As a celiac person, I didn’t have any problem eating it even though the oven is the same as for the pizza with gluten. Traces of gluten are possible.

However Gianpaolo pays the greatest attention to it, he put the gluten free pizza in a separate baking tin and he cleans the oven before baking it.

I hope that one day Il Quadrifoglio will be equipped with a dedicated oven; this will make many more people really happy as they could eat good and safe 🙂

About the gluten free desserts, there is the Lemon tart, the apple crumble, the French Tarte Tatin, and they are all made with rice flour.

I haven’t tasted them yet as to me, one gluten free pizza makes room to no other food in my belly.

You need to know that I am a VERY curious person, and especially when it comes down to food, I love to know everything about it.

Get the change to sneak a pick in the backstage of a gluten free pizza making, it is great fun to me!

So here I am, literally amazed looking at Gianpaolo making one.

The gluten free pizza dough is easy to spread, it doesn’t break, and hop the organic tomato sauce on top, and hop some mozzarella and parmesan cheese too, a drizzle of olive oil here and there and now straight into the oven.

When Lady gluten free pizza is out, she will befriend with some lovely fresh basil leaves.

I do think that these two will be happily ever after…!

Now I come to the only thing that I don’t like about this restaurant: prices!

Gluten free pizza cost 19,50 euros, a price which includes 5 euros of supplement for the gluten free. This is way to much to me! In Paris the most expensive supplement are + 3 euros. I have talked to the Quadrifoglio more than once about this issue but they don’t listen to me. They say “As long as people pay…” So I respond that people have to stop accepting to pay such a high price! I am celiac, I can’t but eat gluten free and I don’t want to have to pay such an expensive price for a simple Margherita pizza!

Here it is a special “heart” pizza made for us by Gianpaolo.

The “us” being me, Elise and Fanny, three girlfriends on a night out, enjoying great time together and a good gluten free pizza.

Il Quadrifoglio

19, Boulevard Bourdon
75004 Paris
Tel. 01 40 09 91 05


Opening hours

Tue – Sat
11.30 – 3 pm
7 – 11 pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday at lunch




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