Finally an address in Paris where we can eat a gluten free pizza that is 100% gluten free meaning free from any cross contamination with gluten!

It’s the Italian restaurant Gusto Marais that has just opened a new gluten free pizzeria just in front of its actual venue with a dedicated oven three days ago.

We can choose between the pizza so called “al taglio”, as we call it in Italian, the gluten free pizza is cooked in a big pizza tin and you can have a piece or you can opt for the more traditional shape: the round one.

You can it the pizza at the restaurant or take it away.

Another good news for those of you who have been following my posts during this week, I have been saying out and loud that I find way too much to pay a gluten free Margherita in Paris 20 euros! Fortunately here, at Gusto Marais, a Margherita costs…9,50 euros! Viva!

I chose to taste the Margherita while Audrey opted for La Parma with organic Parma ham, rocket and parmigiano reggiano cheese. Delicious!

At Gusto Marais all the ingredients are top quality, they come straight from Italy like all the cheese, the ham and lots of other yummy food. Gusto Marais is actually a well known Italian épicerie fine and restaurant in Paris.

Lello, co-owner of the place along with his associate Angelo, tells us that for those who are intolerant to lactose, they have a lactose-free mozzarella available. Great!

And here he comes the young and nice pizzaiolo at Gusto Marais: Mattia!

Speaking of the gluten pizza dough, to me there is still work to do: I found it a little bit heavy and not so easy to digest.

As you know, I am Italian, born in Naples, and when it comes down to gluten free pizza I am quite demanding. In years I have tasted many and some really good.

That said Mattia is young, it is just the beginning of this gluten free adventure, he wants to improve himself over and over and I am sure that he will soon surprise us with his achievements!

I am already his fan and I will follow him and support him.

pS I have recently gone back to Gusto Marais (in November 2016) and the pizza has so much improved! It’s very good and tasty now, bravo Mattia !!

Here it is the gluten free pizza so called in Italian “al taglio”: just looking at it, like a madeleine for Prous, it brings me back to my college years that I spent in Rome. My friends and I, when the courses ended, we used to buy one pizza “al taglio”, go to the nearest park, surrounded by Roman ruins, and enjoy one of the best crusty, crunchy, yummy pizza of my life.

The pleasure of simple things that are so dear to me.

Thank you to Gusto Marais for this lovely moment sprinkled with memories from my country.

Gusto Marais

Restaurant: 4 rue Caron, 75004 Paris
Pizzeria / Boutique: 5 rue Caron, 75004 Paris
Tel. +33 01 42 77 11 43


Opening hours

Open daily
except Tuesdays and Wednesdays
10.30 am- 8 pm







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