Which one of these two pizza is gluten free?

Yesterday evening my brother Francesco and I, pizza with gluten versus gluten free pizza, can you spot the difference?!?!

To say the truth, I barely can.

Then if I look at it carefully, I could see it but that says it long about master pizzaiolo Antonino Esposito‘s skills.

In years he has managed to make a fantastic gluten free pizza and the good news is that he also makes his own mix, he doesn’t use industrial ones!

He has the pizza dough rise slowly, the result is a pizza that looks beautiful, tastes great, the pizza crust is perfect and the ingredients he uses on the pizza are top quality ones.

Besides I can digest it easily and I don’t feel full after I eat it.

delicious gluten free pizza in sorrento

Yesterday we both chose the pizza “Verace” that comes with bufala mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil.

I am lucky to have Antonino Esposito in my own hometown, Sorrento, so every time I am back to see my family, I make a stop or two at his pizzeria and restaurant called Acqu’e Sale in the lovely Marina Piccola.

The gluten free menu includes also different antipasti like some fried specialties from Naples, home made ravioli with ricotta cheese and fresh tomatoes (delicious! I tasted them too), “paccheri” pasta, fish, meat, vegetables and salads.

If you visit the Amalfi coast, this is a place that I highly recommend, just do not forget to book the gluten free pizza one day in advance. I once did and it was not so nice for a pizza lover like myself….

pS If you would like to read my interview to Antonino Esposito and get to know a bit of the story of this great master pizzaiolo, it is right here.

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Acqu’e Sale gluten free pizza
Antonino Esposito’s pizza

ppS The gluten free pizza is the one at the bottom 😉

marina grande sorrento

Acqu’e Sale

Piazza Marinai D’Italia, 2
Marina Piccola, Sorrento (NA)

Tel. +39 081 190 059 67



Opening hours

Open daily
Lunch and Dinner




The kitcken handles ingredients containing gluten



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