Italy Gluten free Food Tour with Niepi: Milan


Via dalla Spiga is the new name of what it used to be Out of Gluten, a well-know Italian gluten free pastry shop that is also a boutique and today the project includes a Bistró as well, situated in the very central Corso Magenta, few blocks away from the Santa Maria delle Grazie church where Leonardo painted his famous fresco « Il Cenacolo ».

This morning I am back there with Frédérique from the French magazine Niepi on the occasion of the Gluten free Food Tour that I organised for her.

The heart and soul of this project is a passionate, brilliant Italian woman, Roberta Maranzana. I had the chance to meet Roberta and I can tell you that she has energy and an optimism that are contagious. She created this project with two associates three years ago. Today she is the one that took the challenge to move it along and make it grow. I can’t but be supportive of her. Women like Roberta, open-minded and determined, are a source of inspiration for me. Besides we share the same objective: show everybody that gluten free food can be good to eat, beautiful to see, so it can be shared by everybody, people with celiac disease and people who are not.

With Frédérique, we decided to shoot the typical gluten free Italian breakfast!

Well, a typical gluten free breakfast goes with an espresso or a tea and a freshly baked croissant!

At Via dalla Spiga pastry shop we are really spoiled: pastry chef Luca Musitelli doesn’t make only a good croissant but he also specialised in a « feilleuté » with candied fruit that is yummy-licious – I think I liked it even more than the croissant – and the so called « pain aux raisins » (a roll with sultanas) is to die for! If you come here, you might want to try this one, it’s so good!!

delicious gluten free breakfast in milan
gluten free croissant at via dalla spiga milan
delicious gluten free pastries in milan

Everyday there are also many pastries that are available and on sale. If you need a special cake for a special event, then Via dalla Spiga is also specialised in catering.

If you are more in the mood of something savoury, well, I can tell you the freshly baked bread is very good, moist inside, crunchy outside, just the way I like it. There are also quiches, focaccia and pizza available since morning.

yummy gluten free cake with red berries in milan
Love these gluten free pastries in milan
delicious gluten free pastries in milan
so good this gluten free brioche in milan

For lunch Frédérique and I headed to the Bistró. We had Italian panini and focaccia, salads, freshly pressed juices and espresso, to end up our meal as an Italian would do it.

If you can’t make to Bistró for lunch, the good news is that it is opened also through the afternoon for a tea with a pastry or later for the Italian aperitivo or an early dinner.

I have to confess that we kept going back there during our stay in Milan: we loved the place, the ambiance is cosy and relaxed, it feels so homey. Besides the personnel is professional and very nice. You feel immediately at ease and needless to day that the food is great.

So…see you there !

pS if you would like to know more about the Via dalla Spiga project, my interview to Roberta Maranzana is right here.

gluten free panini at via dalla spiga in milan
gltuen free salad with apples at via dalla spiga in milan
italian gluten free panini in milan
via dalla spiga gluten free restaurant milan
via dalla spiga gluten free restaurant milan

Via dalla Spiga

Pastry shop
Via  San Michele del Carso, 13
20144 Milano
Tel. +39 02 433 004
Corso Magenta, 9
20123 Milano
Tel. +39 348 453 7205



Opening hours

Pastry Shop
Mon 10am – 1 pm
Tue- Sat
10 am – 1 pm and 3.30 – 7 pm
Mon – Sat
8 am – 9 pm
Closed on Sunday







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