Raw, vegan and gluten free? Today it’s possible in Paris too.

Here it is the first raw, vegan and gluten free pastry shop in Paris: Raw Cakes.

I love telling stories, I think we are all stories told by others and at a certain age, we start to be also a story told by ourselves.

Today I speak raw, vegan and gluten free, therefore I tell you about the story of Julien who met Andrea. Julien is from Romania and Andrea is from Madrid, in Spain. After much travelling together, they fall in love with raw food in New York City. This new food sounded not only good to them but also fascinating. They started immediately to get to know more about it.

Back to Europe and to Paris in particular as Julien loves this city very much, they got the idea of opening a pastry shop proposing raw cakes, with many options that are also vegan and gluten free.

gluten free veggie bowl
gluten free vegan burger
gluten free vegan raw cheesecake
gluten free chocolate bar

The beauty of it to me is that both Julien and Andrea are self-taught pastry chefs.

They took a year to learn, create and fine-tune all the recipes and I am in awe today just by looking at how beautiful and totally scrumptious their cakes look!

I went there on Sunday and decided to opt for the lunch menu which included one freshly pressed juice, the main dish and a slice of cake. I chose the lemon, mint, and ginger juice with the veggie bowl, a mix of whole and white rice, with vegetable and hummus. They were both fresh and good.

Looking at me from afar the veggie gluten free burger that I will take next time I go there.

Actually, as Julien tells me, the gluten free bread they use is artisanal and made fresh for their burgers everyday. The veggie burger is made of chickpeas. I know I’m going to love this one too.

gluten free vegan chocolate cake
gluten free raw carrot cake paris
raw vegan cake paris
raw vegan chocolate mint cake
gluten free vegan raw chocolate

Now it comes the hard task: which cake would I choose??!!

Not only I am a “sweet tooth all day everyday” kind of person but when the cakes are so beautiful it makes my choice not so easy. Well, in the end, I went for the raw, gluten free, vegan cheesecake with red berries and orange cream. How was it? Creamy and crunchy…one word…yummy-licious!!

I also tried the chocolate caramel bar: I loved it!

Julien tells me that the basic ingredients they use for the cakes are cashew, nuts, coconut oil and dates.

In case of the chocolate caramel, they use a special variety of dates that have that “caramel” taste.

Besides, all cakes have no added sugar. The sweetness of the dates gives them that sugary feeling with so much love.

Not all the cakes are gluten free or vegan but many are.

The pastry shop is lovely, a cosy and quite spot in beautiful rue Daguerre: both Julien and Andrea are so nice in person, they created a place to indulge in great tasting food but also feel good.

Besides I like rue Daguerre in Paris 14th arrondissement very much and not very far from them there is one of my favorite design shop: Mint and Lilies.

More reasons for me to come back soon and I hope you will visit them too.

This is a story that I did enjoy to tell. Until the next one.

andrea and julien raw cakes paris
gluten free vegan raw cakes in paris

Raw Cakes

83, rue Daguerre
75004 Paris
Tel. +39 011 19506672



Opening hours

Mon – Fri
10 am – 7 pm
Sunday 12 am – 7 pm
Closed on Saturday



The kitcken handles ingredients containing gluten


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