Italy Gluten free Food Tour with Niepi: Turin


Today we discovered a fabulous gluten free pastry shop: Pastepartout in Rivoli, close to Turin, Italy. The « we » being myself, Frédérique and Fabien from the French magazine Niepi, during our Italy gluten free food tour.

Pastepartout opened in Rivoli in 2010 and it is specialised in gluten free, lactose free and vegan pastries.

Marcello Duranti and his wife Sandra created this pastry shop with one clear objective in mind: innovate.

They wanted to show everybody that they could make great gluten free or lactose free pastries that were as good as those with gluten or milk.

Gluten free breakfast at Gluten free pastry shop Pastepartout
yummy gluten free brioche at Pastepartout pastry shop
gluten free brioche with jam at Pastepartout pastry shop
gluten free macaron at Pastepartout pastry shop
gluten free strawberry tart at the pastry shop Pastepartout

They set the bar high and I can say that they succeeded!

I loved everything I ate and I am not exaggerating one bit: the ingredients are top quality, the consistencies are a pleasure to the mouth and the taste, the combinations of different flavours, are the ultimate « gourmande » experience that you would dream of making.

From the gluten free brioche with rice flour only to the chocolate choux, from the cheesecake to the tarte tatin, biscuits and muffins, everything was unique in its own way and of course good.

Sandra is the pastry chef who developed all the recipes: she studied to become a food engineer; this made her aware of the food properties and their specific characteristics. With this knowledge at hand, she started to substitute some ingredients with others. She then specialised herself in pastries by working at a local pastry shop in Rivoli for two years.

Her latest achievement she is proud of ? A fantastic vegan butter made of cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil and groundnut oil.

gluten free tart with abricot at Pastepartout pastry shop
delicious gluten free cheesecake at Pastepartout pastry shop
gluten free tarte tatin at Pastepartout pastry shop
yummy gluten free blueberry muffin at Pastepartout pastry shop

Today Sandra and her husband Marcello run Pastepartout with much passion and determination: every year they set a challenge in the innovation field.

This year they decided to help their suppliers get the « AIC » (Italian Celiac Association) logo which is a guarantee of a product 100% gluten free. Of course all of their suppliers are gluten free already but the certification will allow regular check-ups by AIC to assure that no cross-contamination exist.

Among their current suppliers there is Valrona, the king of chocolate, and a local coffee roaster that developed a special blend with Sandra that is sold exclusively at her pastry shop. It is called « Real Pastepartout ».

gluten free pistachio pastry at Pastepartout pastry shop
gluten free savoury pastry at Pastepartout pastry shop
gluten free savoury pastry at Pastepartout Rivoli

Pastepartout is also specialized in catering, cakes for any kind of events and if you go, you cannot but really cannot miss the savory pastries. Beautiful to see and good to eat, they are really special.

Pastepartout claim is “Un dolce pensiero per tutti”.

In Italian it means “a sweet thought for everybody”.

In this pastry shop there is really room for everybody and it’s so good that almost half of their actual clients don’t suffer from any food allergy or intolerance. They come here just for the pleasure of eating something very good. This is the way it should always be.

Thank you Marcello and Sandra, I am very appreciative of your work and hope to see you soon!

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beautiful gluten free cake at Pastepartout pastry shop
Marcello e Sandra Pastepartout pastry shop Italy
gluten free pastries at Pastepartout pastry shop Rivoli


Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto 28
10098 Rivoli (Turin) Italy
Tel. + 39 333 9795996



Opening hours

Tue – Sat
7.30 – 12.30 am
3.30 – 7.00 pm
8.30 – 12.30 am
Closed on Monday



The kitcken handles only gluten free ingredients



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