Gluten free Panettone

Today I am happy to talk Christmas once again and to do it with a sweet that comes straight from my country, Italy: the Panettone !

The Panettone is a Medieval “pane” – “bread”- that in the past pastries chefs and bakers used to make “rich” by adding butter, sugar, eggs, candied fruit  and sultanas for special events like Christmas. It originated in the North of Italy and from there, the artisanal savoir-faire of this great, special cake spread all over the country.

Today I am even happier as I can introduce you one delicious and artisanal panettone that is gluten free, with 48h of leavening and top quality ingredients.

The brand is Alimenta 2000 – I met them personally this summer, went to pay a little visit and fell in love with their products. They work closely with pastry chefs to conceive the best possible recipes that are great in taste following the renown Italian pastry tradition.

I loved them so much that I asked them to represent them abroad; so if you are a professional looking to distribute it, please contact me and it will be a pleasure for me to come back to you.

In the meantime if you are in Paris the panettone is on sale at La Maison du Sans Gluten; available with chocolate chips or candied fruit. I can guarantee, it is yummy!

Merry Christmas!

Alimenta 2000


On sale for Christmas at:

La Maison du sans gluten

12, rue d’Hauteville
75010 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)1 40 60 60 60


Opening hours

Mon – Fri
10 am – 7.30 pm
11 am – 7.30 pm
Closed on Sunday








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