Gluten free pancakes in Paris

I said it I would make it and now I made it!

Today, on one of the loveliest and sunny day in Paris, I went to Bob’s kitchen to try one of their specialties: gluten free pancakes. The recipe, they tell me, is their own and it is made of buckwheat flour and rice milk. They are so good. I am officially fallen in love with them!

This morning I was hungry and decided to have two. I chose to take them home and put  banana on one, and fresh raspberries I bought at the market on the other. Maple syrup sweetened them just fine. The gluten free pancakes were so soft, delicate and tasty ! This is definitely a nice sweet way to wake up.

If you live in Paris or come here for whatever the reason, Bob’s kitchen is a place to check out.

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Bob’s Kitchen

74, rue des Gravilliers
75003 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)9 52 5511 66


Opening hours

Monday to Friday
8.30 am- 3 pm
Sat to Sun
11 am – 4 pm





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