Today I am very happy to introduce you the gluten free version of a cake that was typical of my childhood in Italy: the Kinder « fetta al latte ». All children my age used to love it! I am so thankful to Roberta from the Italian blog Dal Ricettario di Roberta for creating this fantastic and easy gluten free recipe of the Kinder “fetta al latte” for the joy of the big and the little ones aka the children and their parents! I remember I used to eat this cake in the afternoon, as a reward for having done my homework. As you need to store it in the fridge, it’s such a pleasure to cut a fresh slice and eat it. It’s so fluffy and tasty! This recipe is also lactose free as Roberta’s daughter is lactose-intolerant. Enough material to make everybody happy!

Grazie Mille Roberta!

gluten free cake


Sift the flour, starch and cocoa powder and mix them in a big bowl.

Separate the eggs white from the yolks.

Beat the white until stiff peaks and then start adding the sugar little by little while keep beating. Add the yolks. Keep beating until you obtain a foamy mixture.

Add the powders to the mixture little by little and incorporate them with the help of a spatula by mixing it from top to bottom.

Pre-heat the oven to 170° C.

Butter and flour a cake tin. Pour in the mixture.

Cook for about 15-20 minutes (time depending on your oven).

Beat the cream, add the sugar and the mascarpone very delicately and mix them from top to bottom with a spatula or a wooden spoon.

Once cooked, let the sponge cake cool down in the tin.

Once cold, take it out of the tin, cut it in two pieces.

Spread the cream on one side, cover it with the other and dust with icing sugar.

Let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

This is a cake that needs to be kept in the fridge.


Cake tin cm 30×40
Sponge cake (Pan di Spagna):
– 120 gr caster sugar
– 4 eggs – separate
– 80 gr rice flour
– 10 gr rice starch
– 30 gr bitter cocoa powder
– 125 cc lactose free cream
– 250 gr lactose free mascarpone
– 3 tablespoons caster sugar


To decorate:
– Icing sugar


Recipe by Roberta, from the blog Dal Ricettario di Roberta 


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